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David speaks to groups that want to be motivated and recharged, and to groups that want insights on how to make their businesses more successful.

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" H e l p i n g   y o u r   o r g a n i z a t i o n   r e a c h   n e w   h e i g h t s ."

Former President and General Manager of Bos Landen Golf Resort, Pella, Iowa

Former Vice President and Trust Officer of a Central Iowa Bank and licensed stock broker

1993 Salesperson of the Year for Hawkeye Investment and Trust Services

MBA graduate of Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

Member of Toastmasters International, ATM-Bronze designation

Co-author of a monthly online newsletter called "Straight Talk"

Former business class instructor for Des Moines Area Community College

Our mission:

To motivate people to take needed action, which changes their behavior, and positively affects their ability to perform.

At almost 6'5" tall, David Goos commands attention when he takes the floor. He quickly connects with audiences and draws them into his presentations with ideas as unique as his name. An extreme extrovert, David enjoys meeting and getting to know new people. With his strengths as a story teller, motivational speaker and entertainer, he blends his talents and years of business experience to provide a fresh, upbeat approach to topics challenging organizations around the world. His ability to focus on the needs of your audience and tailor his presentations to them, makes him a pleasant contrast in the sea of professional speakers.

"Things are never as good as they appear or as bad as they seem, the truth is usually in between." - David L Goos

Most requested speaking topics

The Five Pillars of Excellent Customer Service
In this presentation David discusses the 5 components which are required to produce repeatable excellent customer service for both external customers (the customer off the street), and internal customers, (the various departments within a company or organization). While some of these factors are dependent upon the mission and vision of the entity, others are directly related to the attitudes and values of the employees themselves.

What Really Holds Salespeople Back?
In this presentation David explores the many reasons why salespeople often perform below their ability. Regardless if it is a product or service, or a short or long sales cycle, the causes for stagnating results hold true. Learn why repeated sales training often misses the point and can actually reduce sales.

What's Your Style?
This interactive presentation is designed for all levels of employees, and will assist people who work in internal departments, as customer service representatives, sales representatives, and managers.
You will learn more about:

  • The basic differences in how people behave.
  • What your own style is both at work and at home.
  • How to use your personal strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
  • How to work better with others.

Good Vibrations
Our attitude is contagious, and in this presentation David illustrates how we affect those around us at work and at home. He then goes on to share ways to build a positive attitude, which can lead to a more productive and rewarding way of living.

Flying Over Fences
In this humorous and sometimes poignant presentation, David shares his personal experiences for overcoming barriers that prevent us from reaching our own objectives. He tells the story of how a serious knee injury ended his high school basketball season, but provided the motivation to persist and play basketball in college. He outlines effective steps that can be taken to pursue and reach desirable goals.

Working With Giants
Encouragement - we can't live without it! David looks at the effects of positive comments and praise on co-workers. By empowering employees, and giving them real confidence, they are more capable of helping their businesses serve customers.

Because of his ability to think on his feet and adapt quickly, David accepts speaking engagements with short notice. His extensive experience allows him to tailor engagements to specific time frames and customize them according to your needs.

What People are saying about David's presentations...

"David has a terrific ability to integrate client information into his programs for tailoring and customization. His use of stories as segues into his key points makes his material memorable. His obvious comfort with speaking is a delight to his audiences; they know that they are in for a treat."
Susan B. Wilson, MBA, CSP, Executive Strategies, Inc.

"Great! Gave great food for thought, presented well and got the audience involved."
Barb Aalbers, Monroe Kiwanis Club, Monroe, Iowa

"You have the incredible ability to draw the audience in right away through your smile and tone of voice, keep them engaged through the stories you told and the energy that you bring. You made a lasting impression on us all with the sincerity in which you speak. You inspired the audience on what our organization is all about!"
Tom Vanderlaan, Executive Director, Newton YMCA

"After hearing David speak, I have stepped back and revisited my own goals, attitudes and road blocks.....I am making changes."
Beth Steenhoek , American Family Insurance Agent, Newton, Iowa

"David is a very warm enthusiastic speaker, obviously enjoys his work!"
Ruth Seipp, Nurse Dubuque Podiatry, Dubuque, Iowa

"David is a good speaker and able to hold attention well. His content and stories were applicable and helpful."
Scott Morris, Territory Manger, Ziegler Cat, Red Oak, IA

"I've had the pleasure of hearing David Goos speak at two service groups. His topics were serious, but he added witty humor and personal experiences which made listening easy and enjoyable."
Kathy Macy, Agent, Re/Max of Newton

"I enjoyed the way David involved everyone in the session. It was helpful to learn ways to communicate with different personalities in the workplace."
Pat Stafford, Assistant Vice President, Bank Iowa, Altoona, Iowa

"Good motivator!"
Martha Brayton, First Realty GMAC , Newton, Iowa

"David is a very energetic speaker who can get things accomplished."
Donna M. Blythe, The Vernon Company, Newton, Iowa

"David is very energetic and does a superior job of explaining how our behavior affects our work environment."
Chris Johnson, CD Johnson Financial Services, Newton, Iowa

"An excellent presenter, easy to follow and understand....I heard about me!"
Sue Morgan, Southeast Polk Rural Water District

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